The Friends are mostly current and former parents of MCSBC members.  The Friends organisation is run independently of the Boat Club with the charitable aim to support the young rowers of MCSBC.  The Friends is a registered charity (no. 1120581).


The Friends Committee is as follows:

Chairman: Liz Watkins
Trustees  Beth Rogers(Secretary)
Allard van der Horst (Treasurer)
Zoe Crossley
Clare Knapman
Sally Chilton

All committee members can be contacted via


The Friends provides significant financial and practical support to MCSBC throughout the year.  However, activities are focused around three events:

The events are intended to be fun and social as well as raising funds for the club.


Grants of funds are made regularly to support the activities of MCSBC.  Please contact Pam Hole for details of the most recent donations.


Donations to the Friends of MCSBC are eligible for Gift Aid.  A Gift Aid declaration needs to accompany such donations.  A copy of this declaration is available here.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with individual Friends functions or the Committee, please e-mail Pam Hole and he will pass this onto the Secretary of the Friends.