Calendar of Events 2022-23

Athletes are assumed to be available for all of these dates unless you notify MR in writing at least one month prior to the event. (For National events considerably more notice is required). Otherwise you are liable for entry payments.

No-one will race in all events.  A range of events has been selected to match the range of aspirations of our athletes. As a guide, each event is in a category.  Most athletes will race at regional events. National events require a high level of training and preparation.  Only those crews/athletes doing this preparation will be entered. Age is not the primary issue, effort and performance is.

Updated 01/09/2022

Please note: some dates are not confirmed, changes will be advised when available.  This is particularly for the Summer Season as Easter is much later than in recent years.

Links to event websites are available on the for the latest information on these events. 

Day Date Event Local Events National / Regional Events

Autumn Term

Sunday 25/09/2022 Monmouth Autumn Head *  
Sat 22/10/2022 MCSBC Autumn Time Trial *  
Sunday 13/11/2022 Stourport Small Boats Head *  
Saturday 19/11/2022 Avon Autumn Big Boats Head *  
Saturday 3/12/2022
Wycliffe small Boats Head *

Sunday 4/12/2022 Monmouth Winter Head *  
Sat 10/12/2022 MCSBC Reindeer Dash *  

Spring Term

Sat 28/01/2022 Hampton Head *  
Sunday 29/01/2023 Stourport Winter Head *  
Saturday 4/02/2023 Wycliffe Big Head *  
Saturday 11/02/2023 Worcester Head *  
Sunday 12/03/2023 Gloucester Head *  
Monday 20/03/2023 National Junior Sculling Head   *
Saturday 24/03/2023 Friend of MCSBC Sponsored Fund Raising Event *  
Mon-Fri 10-14/04/2023 Easter Training Camp, Monmouth *  

Summer Term

  event TBC Junior Inter-Regional Regatta
(a few W/J15s and W/J16s)
sat 22/04/2023 Birmingham Regatta
(mostly W/J14s and W/J15s)
Sun 30/04/2023 Evesham Regatta
(W/J16s+ only)
Sat 06/05/2023 Shrewsbury Regatta *  
Sat 13/05/2023 Bristol Avon Regatta *  
Sat 27/05/2023 Monmouth Regatta *  
Fri-Sun 26-28/05/2023 National Schools Regatta   *
Fri-Sun 16-18/06/2023 Henley Women's Regatta   *
Sat 17/06/2023 Marlow Regatta   *
Fri 23/06/2023 Henley Royal Regatta Qualifying Races   *
Sun 25/06/2023 Ironbridge Regatta    
Tue-Sun 27-2/06/2023 Henley Royal Regatta
(W/J18 only to include training in Henley from Monday)
Sat 8/07/2023 Llandaff Regatta *  
Sun 9/07/2023 Friends of MCSBC Midsummer Regatta (starts 4pm) - -
Fri-Sun 14-16/07/2023 National Championships
Sat Event TBC Home International Regatta
(Ireland, Location TBC)