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Monmouth Comprehensive School Boat Club

For a username and password, e-mail me ... Rowing Initials & Training Programme / Time Trials / Ergo Scores

Tues 21 Oct

MCSBC Calendar - details and orders...it promises to be great again this year!

Fri 17 Oct

Rowing Update 8 was sent out today

Wed 15 Oct

Many more photos added from Monmouth Autumn Head

Sat 11 Oct

Time trial results are here


City of Bristol Autumn Head - Sun 16 Nov  **PROVISIONAL**

Div 1 - 11:30am

J18 4x: RM, HE, HD, OP (406/8)
IM2 4x: BM, JJ, WA, DN (406/8)
WJ18 4x: LC, EB, MJ, NB (407)
J16 4x: BS, WI, MA, MP (401)
J18 2x: SW, HB (207)
WJ16 2x: GR, AE (206)
WJ15 4x+: OW, EJ, LS, LW, JS (cox)(403)
J15 2x: SB, LP (202)
WJ15 2x: AT, AH (201)
J15 1x: CJ
WJ15 1x: FW

Div 2 - 2:30pm

WJ18 2x: MJ, KT (202)
J16 2x: AB, WS (206)
WJ15 2x: KM, GW (201)
J15 1x: SM
J15 1x: WL

Leave school bus bay at 8:00am
Pick up from the rowing club at approx. 6:00pm

Event website is here

Fri 10 Oct

Rowing Update 7 was sent out today

Fri 3 Oct

Rowing Update 6 was sent out today

Fri 26 Sep

Rowing Update 5 was sent out today

Thurs 25 Sep

Monmouth Autumn Head - Sun 28 September - **several updates**

Div 1 - 10:30am

J18 1x: OP (116)
WJ18 1x: ER (115)
J17 2x: SW, HE (206)
J16 4x: WS, AB, HB, WI (401)
WJ16 4x: JG, GR, KA, AE (402)
WJ15 1x: FW (tbc)
WJ15 1x: LS (tbc)
WJ15 1x: LW (tbc)

Div 2 - 1:00pm

IM3 1x: TS (110)
WIM3 1x: MJ (114)
WJ18 4x: LC, EB, AR, NB (407)
J16 2x: MA, WS (202)
J16 2x: MP, HD (206)
J15 4x+: SM, CJ, WL, SB, JS (cox) (403)
WJ15 4x+: KM, GW, EJ, AH, JG (cox) (404) - boat needs to be brought from the container for the day

Div 3 - 3:30pm

IM3 4x: BM, DN, JJ, HE (406)
J17 4x: OH, SW, WA, WI (408)
J18 2x: RM, OP (204)
WJ18 2x: LC, NB (206)
J15 2x: WL, SB (202)
WJ15 2x: OW, AT (201)

Meet at Monmouth RC 90 minutes before the start of your division

Pick-up Monmouth RC when your equipment is safely back in the boat house

Event website is here (MAKE SURE you ALL read the marshalling/safety information - the Monmouth event runs differently to many other events)

Fri 19 Sep

Rowing Update 4 was sent out today

Photos of today's W/J14 and W/J15 ergos are here

The scores are in the "Training Programme" link above.

Email DC for a username and password if you don't have one.

Sun 14 Sep

Rowing Update 3 was sent out today

Thurs 11 Sep

A new article added to the News page..."Training to Success"

Sat 6 Sep

Rowing Update 2 was sent out today

Mon 1 Sep

Rowing Update 1 was sent out today

The training programme for the first half of term is posted above (you need a username and password as usual...email me if you don't have it)

The season starts with a meeting for ALL athletes at Monmouth Rowing Club 3.20-5.00pm on Thursday 4th September.

Photos and video of ER racing for Great Britain