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Thurs 20 Oct

Time Trial results

Fri 14 Oct

Rowing Update 7 was sent out today

Sun 9 Oct

City of Bristol Autumn Head - Sunday 6th November

Nov 2x: WS, JB (205)
J18 4x-: HD, BS, WI, DN (406)
J17 4x: BI, CJ, RT, SM (407)
WJ17 1x: KK (110)
J16 4x: RW, SI, RK, TH (408)
WJ16 2x: MM, MB (206)
WJ16 1x: SR (114)
J15 4x+: JA, LM, DJ, OC, AScox (403)
WJ15 4x+: AV, AD, CH, DH, DL/ERcox (404)
WJ15 2x: HK, AC (201)
WJ15 2x: HI, MT (202)
WJ15 1x: JH (111)

Leave from school bus bay at 7.00am
Estimated return at Monmouth Rowing Club at 1.30pm (yes really!!)

Event website is here

Fri 7 Oct

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Mon 3 Oct

Photos from Year 9 training on Saturday

Some more photos from Monmouth Autumn Head

Fri 30 Sep

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Time Trial results and Ergo Scores

Sun 25 Sep

Some photos from Monmouth Autumn Head

Sat 24 Sep

Rowing Update 4 was sent out today

Monmouth Autumn Head:

Final Draw - Division 1

Final Draw - Division 2

Final Draw - Division 3

Sat 17 Sep

Rowing Update 3 was sent out today


Monmouth Autumn Head - Sunday 25 Sep

Division 1 - 10:30am

J18 2-: HD, DN (204)
WJ17 2x: KK, MB (206)
J16 4x: SI, RW, RK, TH (407)
WJ16 4x: TB, MM, DB, CD (401)
WJ15 1x: HK (114)

Division 2 - 1:00pm

J18 4x: WS, MP, BS, JW (406)
WJ17 1x: KK (110)
J15 4x+: JA, LM, OC, DJ, ED/ES (cox)(403)
WJ15 4x+: AV, JH, HK, AC, AS (cox)(405) boat will need to be collected from container and returned after racing
WJ15 4x+, MT, HI, AD, DH, ED/ES (cox)(404)

Division 3 - 3:30pm

WJ18 2x: EB, MB (206)
J17 4x: BI, CJ, RT, SM (408)
J16 1x: JB (115)
WJ16 1x: ED (114)
J15 2x: DJ, OC (205)
WJ15 2x: DH, CH (202)

Please arrive at the club at least 75 minutes before the start of your division.

The event website is here

Sat 10 Sep

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Sunday 4 Sep

Rowing_Update 1 was sent out today

The season starts with a meeting for ALL athletes at Monmouth Rowing Club on Monday 5th September.

The meeting starts at 3.20pm, Year 9 and Year 10 will be finished by 4.30pm, Years 11, 12, 13 will finish by 5.30pm.